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1960s Plastic Santa Claus Christmas Candy or Gift Container
Hard plastic Santa Claus figure mounted on the lid of a clear plastic gift box or candy container circa 1960
1960s Real Egg Shell Decorated Diorama Scene Christmas Ornaments
Six hand crafted Mid Century egg art diorama style ornaments with Christmas scenes and figures inside, decorated with beads, braids, tassels, and decoupage

1960s Soft Plastic Filigree Ornaments Holly Christmas Garland
8 feet of retro soft plastic decorative Christmas chain with lacy filigree bell, star and lantern ornaments studded with holly and berries
1969 Emerald Top Pin Beaded Christmas Ornament Craft Kit MIP
Vintage Craft House craft kit for a flocked dimensional pin beaded green top shape pretty Christmas ornament, mint in sealed package

1970s Circus Clowns Painted Wood Christmas Ornaments
Larger size, well made painted wood clown on drum with balloons and clown on wagon with mouse and cat ornaments from 1970s Taiwan
1970s Lot 32 Plastic Christmas Ornaments
Assortment of 32 nice vintage plastic ornaments, most from the 1970s

1983 Hallmark Copper Santa Face Candy Mold Christmas Ornament
2 inch copper chocolate mold with embossed Santa Claus face is actually a 1983 Hallmark Christmas ornament, mint with tags
2 Boxes Sparkle Brite 1950s Christmas Tinsel Icicles
2 unused boxes Sparkle Brite extra long crinkled metal tinsel icicles for the Christmas tree from the 1950s

2 Chenille Nutcracker Soldier Christmas Figure Ornaments
Cute pair of 1960s chenille nutcracker soldiers, 5 inches tall with wood bead heads
2 Composition Clay Chickadee Clip On Christmas Ornaments
Pair of vintage realistic ceramic or clay composition chickadee clip on bird ornaments

2 Japan Pink Yarn Hair Angel Christmas Ornaments
Pair of 5.5 inch fabric covered angel Christmas ornaments from 1970s Japan dressed in pink moire satin and velour with pink string or yarn hair
2 Mica Glittered Pinecone Bird Christmas Ornaments
Pair of 1950s Japan bird ornaments with pine cone bodies encrusted in mica glitter

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