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10 Colorful Glittered Reflector Indent Glass Christmas Ornaments
Assortment of silvered round and teardrop glass ornaments decorated in bold colors and glitter, each with a colorful recessed reflector indent
12 Glass Unsilvered Christmas War Ornaments
One dozen mixed 1940s American unsilvered decorated glass ornaments made during World War II including several specialty shapes

12 Shiny Brite Replacement Metal Christmas Ornament Caps
A dozen vintage Shiny Brite authentic replacement caps or hangers for smaller and figural glass Christmas ornaments
12 Small Replacement Metal Christmas Ornament Caps
Shiny Brite and USA metal replacement caps for vintage glass Christmas ornaments 1.75 to 2.5 inch diameter

12 USA Replacement Metal Caps For Glass Christmas Ornaments
A dozen medium size metal replacement caps for vintage American made glass Christmas ornaments 2.25 to 3 inches diameter
15 Figural West German Glass Christmas Ornaments
Excellent lot of 15 Mid Century West Germany figural glass ornaments including organics, dog, Santa, clip bird, car, and more, all in excellent condition

1920s Feather Tree Wine Casket Barrel Glass Christmas Ornament
Tiny 1.5 inch feather tree wine barrel or cask Christmas ornament with embossed grapes and leaves, circa 1920 Germany
1930s German Snow Angel Glass Christmas Ornament
Circa 1930 paper thin small Snow Angel with Basket of Flowers ornament from Germany

1930s Germany Deep Indented Christmas Ornaments
3 deeply indented silvered glass ornaments from 1930s Germany with faceted and embossed centers tinted in earth tone colors
1930s Germany Silvered Glass Fish Christmas Ornament
Antique mercury silvered German glass fish ornament with brown, gold, and dark green gel paint decoration

1930s Red Blue USA Pinecones Glass Christmas Ornaments
Pair of scarce American made red and blue pine cone silvered glass Christmas ornaments, among the earliest USA shapes produced in the 1930s
1930s USA Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments Painted Flowers
Among the earliest American mass produced ornaments, 4 scarce 1930 blown glass teardrops with painted poinsettia flowers

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