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10 Colorful Glittered Reflector Indent Glass Christmas Ornaments
Assortment of silvered round and teardrop glass ornaments decorated in bold colors and glitter, each with a colorful recessed reflector indent
Box 12 Antique Figural Feather Tree Glass Christmas Ornaments
Boxed set of 12 wonderful German antique feather tree ornaments from the late 1800s to 1930, mostly organic fruit, berry, pod, and floral shapes

Box 12 Red Green Shiny Brite Miniature Glass Christmas Ornaments
Boxed set of 1950s Shiny Brite 1 inch feather tree size glass ornaments in red and green
Box 1930s National Tinsel Steel Christmas Ornament Hangers Hooks
Full box of National Tinsel black steel Christmas ornament hooks or hangers with bent shepherd's crook upper loops from the 1930s

Box 1950s Poland Figural Glass Clown Christmas Ornaments
Rare box of 4 inch Poland blown glass figural clown ornaments circa 1950
Box 3 Large Red Glittered Glass Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments
Modern boxed set of three 4 inch long red pinecone glass ornaments dusted in gold glitter in perfect condition

Box Austrian Glass Clapper Bells Christmas Ornaments
Boxed set of six silvered mold blown glass clapper bell ornaments in bright gel colors with white and mica rings or stripes decoration from Austria circa 1960
Box Jumbo Mid Century Glass Christmas Ornaments Poland Germany
6 Mid Century extra large and jumbo size decorated glass ornaments from Poland and West Germany including triple indent and huge Santa

Box Lanissa 1950s Red Blue Mica Glitter Christmas Ornaments
Brillant tinted large red indent and 5 red and blue mica glittered silvered glass ornaments in 1960s Lanissa West Germany box
Box Lanissa 1950s Red Blue Mica Glitter Christmas Ornaments
Circa 1960 boxed set of Lanissa West Germany 3 inch red and blue silvered glass ornaments decorated with thick gold mica and white glitter squiggle lines

Box Poland Blue Red Blown Glass Icicle Christmas Ornaments
Box of seven 5 inch red and blue blown silvered glass icicle Christmas ornaments from 1950s Poland
Box Poland Fantasia Unsilvered Glass Christmas Ornaments
Unusual late 1940s boxed set of Poland Fantasia glass ornaments in unsilvered red, white, and blue with mica glitter decoration

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