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Child's Pewter ABC Plate and Mug
Child's Pewter ABC Plate and Mug

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These two sand cast pewter juvenile feeding pieces were made by different companies but they go nicely together. The 7" diameter plate has the alphabet and numbers molded into the rim. It was made by Pewtarex of York Pennsylvania. It's nice and shiny and in excellent condition.

The matte finish 3-1/2" tall ABC mug was made by Wilton Armetale of Mount Joy Pennsylvania. They still make a similar child's mug, but this piece is older as evidenced by the remains of black "antiquing" around the letters of the alphabet - they no longer apply the antiqued finish. You may wish to remove what's left with cleanser and a toothbrush. As you can see it's a little darker in color than the plate. Good condition with the exception of the worn black finish.

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Price: $32.00
29.67 EUR 25.60 GBP 3,541 JPY

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