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1960s Electronic Chirping Bird Musical Christmas Ornament
1960s Electronic Chirping Bird Musical Christmas Ornament

This 1960s Christmas ornament makes a chirping bird sound when plugged in. I used to put up several small trees throughout my home, and one of my favorites was filled with clip-on bird ornaments on the branches and my chirper ornament hidden inside near the trunk. I don't think anyone who saw that tree failed to comment on how wonderful it looked and sounded.

The ornament is about 2-1/2 inches diameter and in excellent working condition with no damage. It looks a little different than most chirping ornaments - instead of the usual silver or plastic filigree casing, it's a white open plastic cage trimmed with silver foil tinsel. The box says "Patent Pending" so it's probably an earlier model.

The plug prongs are the old fashioned non-polarized type. The plug and cord are in good condition with no wear. The original box is flimsy and has considerable storage wear but the ornament has no wear at all. Some chirper ornaments have an electronic sound, but the bird chips on this one sound more natural and realistic.

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Price: $29.00
26.89 EUR 23.20 GBP 3,209 JPY

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