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Box 1950s Tiny Porcelain Angel Bell Christmas Ornaments
Box 1950s Tiny Porcelain Angel Bell Christmas Ornaments

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Text and photos copyright 2016 Teri Rosvall. Do not use without permission.

We hung these adorable little porcelain angel bell ornaments on our Christmas tree when I was a little girl. The 12 sweet little angels are just 1-1/2 inches high. Half are dressed in red coats and hats with white "fur" trim, the other six have white dresses with gold stars at the hems. Some have their hands in muffs at their waists, others are holding songbooks, stars or a gift. The red angels have closed eyes and the white angels' eyes are open, they all have an open O red mouth. They are hand painted so each angel looks a little different from the next. The original red and green satin ribbon hangers are still attached to the tops though they're somewhat faded, and each has a ceramic clapper under her skirt.

Two of the red angels have repairs on their skirts - see the next-to-last picture. The other ten angels are in excellent condition with no chips or damage. The holly-decorated original box is also in great condition for its age with no splits or tears. The lid is titled "China Christmas Bell Set of 12 Pcs". The bottom has some stamped stock numbers and a "Passed" sticker with the initials J.P.I.A. which I believe stands for the Japan Pottery Inspection Association.

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Price: $79.00
73.24 EUR 63.19 GBP 8,742 JPY

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