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Evergleam Christmas Tree Revolving Projector Color Wheel
Evergleam Christmas Tree Revolving Projector Color Wheel

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If you're lucky enough to have a vintage aluminum Christmas tree, you need a color wheel spotlight to illuminate it, rather than risk electrical shock with traditional Christmas lights. This is the 1960s Evergleam number 4993 Revolving Turbo 4 Color Projector color wheel for aluminum Christmas trees, made by Aluminum Specialty Co. of Manitowoc Wisconsin. The color wheel is in excellent condition, clean with no damage. It operates like a spinner type Christmas decoration - the shade balances over the light fixture on a metal spoke or pin, with the heat from the light bulb causing the drum to rotate, throwing off splashes of green, red, blue, and yellow color to the reflective aluminum tree.

The unit measures 10-1/2 inches diameter by 10 inches high. It comes complete with a working 150 watt GE spotlight bulb. It's extremely quiet as there is no motor. The only issue is the box - there's a tear at one lower corner, which has been repaired with replacement cardboard and tape. It has some age discoloration too but is otherwise intact. As with all heat generated spinner decorations, it takes a few minutes for the shade to start rotating, but once it begins, it works flawlessly. Please note that in my pictures, two of the color panels were not aligned correctly. I've since adjusted them properly so there are no gaps.

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Price: $99.00
91.78 EUR 79.19 GBP 10,956 JPY

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