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1940s Bells Play Swedish Brass Christmas Angel Candle Chimes
1940s Bells Play Swedish Brass Christmas Angel Candle Chimes

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These 1940s "The Bells Play" Swedish brass candle chimes with trumpeting angels were typically used at Christmas time. The heat from the candle flames makes the stamped brass pieces spin or rotate. The chimes ring when the posts dangling from the moving charms hit them. This set is a little different than later sets. The brass pieces are heavier and better quality, and instead of a stamped brass angel at the top, there's an open 5-point star.

When put together, the chimes decoration is about 12-1/2 inches high. It is complete in the original box. Four unused red candles are included. They are distorted from storage, so I'm included a box of 12 white candles (8 unused, 4 have been lit) with shipment. The brass pieces have patina from age and use, easily polished away if desired. The original box is titled The Bells Play and has a black and white photograph on the lid of the chimes, along with basic instructions for assembly. The lid has one split corner. The chimes were made in Sweden.

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Price: $55.00
50.99 EUR 43.99 GBP 6,086 JPY

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