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Angel Doll With Wax Face and Hands
Angel Doll With Wax Face and Hands

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This vintage angel doll has no markings but was probably made in 1980s West Germany. She may have been marketed as a Christmas angel but she's not a tree topper type - there's a foam cone under her skirt to help her stand on her own. The angel is 11-1/2" to the top of her head, the wings add some to the height but they are not stiff and tend to flop down a bit.

The angel has a hand painted wax head and wax hands with blond doll-type hair. Her dress is light plum colored velvet with matching gold braid-trimmed bodice and lace overskirt. The blouse sleeves are satin. The wings are shiny gold vinyl backed in maroon velour. The hair is a bit mussed and the satin blouse fabric looks faded. The clothing appears hand sewn, she may have been restored or redressed by the original owner. She comes in a plain white textured cardboard box with no markings.

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Price: $29.00
26.89 EUR 23.20 GBP 3,209 JPY

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